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Franchise of a chain of tanning studios

Franchise – SmartSun” ТМ

The first network of self-service tanning studios.

Passive income 500-1500 ye per month from one tanning studio.

Opening time studio 30-45 days.

Actual locations: Shopping centers in your city.

Payback 1.5 -2 years.

A 50/50 partnership is possible.

Automated system.

No quarantine restrictions.

Does not require personnel.

Minimal contact with people.

It is possible to work around the clock.

Entrance to the tanning salon is carried out only after paying for the desired number of minutes with a PayPass bank card, and familiarizing yourself with the security rules.

The door opens automatically after the transaction.

Each visitor performs disinfection independently.

The studio has everything you need for this.

Cleaning, according to the contract, cleans 4-5 times a day.

The self-service tanning studio ”SmartSun” has been operating for more than 5 years.

It is in demand due to minimal contact with people, and the ability to lower the price below the market, which further attracts visitors.

While maintaining high quality.

Tanning cosmetics and protective equipment are sold automatically, through a vending machine.

In branded boxes.

Session reports for the day, month, general statistics. The operating time of the lamps is viewed through the phone.

Optionally, the statistics are uploaded to Excel.

If the door to the studio opens without payment, SMS comes to the phone.

This usually happens during cleaning.

And according to the video surveillance installed outside, you can control it.

It is strictly forbidden to put a camera inside!

If a person entered and after 15 minutes did not press the “START” button in the solarium, it starts automatically.

If a person sunbathed and did not leave after 10 minutes, an SMS comes to the phone and opens access to the next visitor.

The studio has all the instructions and description!

You can open the door and run the solarium for the required number of minutes, remotely, from your phone.

Convenient for selling subscriptions, and holding promotions, gift minutes, and draws on Instagram

Proposed location, shopping centers – Facade premises, heated and guarded underground passages.

Requires only cleaning services, they are provided by the mall, by agreement.

The tanning studio turns on and off by itself.
According to the set working time.
(completely disconnected from the mains)

Has no competitors.

Is a trademark.

Patented system.

There is no need to look for employees, train them, waste time and nerves.

Minimal owner intervention.

You get a turnkey business.

More than 40,000 satisfied visitors!

The price includes all equipment, including a serviced MegaSun solarium with new lamps.
It is possible to install a new solarium from the MegaSun plant, the cost will increase by 5-8 thousand dollars, depending on the configuration.

cost of a turnkey business with one solarium 20000 ye

A variant of joint work 50/50 is possible, the cost is 14500 ye.

3% royalty for system maintenance.
7% royalty for the maintenance of the solarium and the vending machine for cosmetics.
(royalty for the maintenance of the solarium and the machine on request)

No more hidden, additional commissions and payments!

Instead, we will pay the first two months of rent for you.

Opening time 30-45 days from the date of conclusion of the contract, in your city.

Permanent support.

Preparation of a cooperation agreement.

Advertising setting.

You only need to find a location in your city, from 5 to 10 m2.

Preferably up to 10,000 UAH per month.

And submit for approval.

We will do the rest ourselves.

You can see the working studio and reports any day in Kiev.

I will gladly answer all questions.
best regards, team – smartSun